How Can I Prevent Sore Knuckles From Mitt Work?

By J-Mel (Twin Cities)

I've been hitting the mitts with my coach a lot lately and my pointer finger knuckle and middle finger knuckle on my right hand are in a lot of pain, what can I do to prevent this? I've tried various things such as taking the Everlast Evergel wraps and cutting them w/scissors so they were basically only the knuckle areas and I'd slip on my hand before I'd wrap them to give more cushion.

I also use a nice pair of ringside 14oz gloves which I believe shouldn't be worn out yet because I payed good money for them. Not sure if I should wrap my hands differently or invest in another nice pair of gloves.

What are the tricks that you guys use for all them out there who get mitt work in multiple times a week? Also, what gloves do you use?

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