Boxing's Highest Earner

There is a reason why Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been nicknamed "money". In 2012 he topped the list of the world's highest paid athletes, unseating Tiger Woods who had been the top earner since 2001. In 2012 Mayweather fought only twice, knocking out Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto in matches a few months apart. These two appearances in the ring earned him about $90 million for less than an hour's work. This is a phenomenal amount of money and only people who have won big at top casino sites like can understand just how much of a thrill this kind of pay day can be.

In addition to scoring huge payouts for his wins, Mayweather also adds to his earnings by acting as his own fight promoter. He owns Mayweather Promotions and collects all revenue from tickets sold, sponsorships and pay-per-view screenings. Typically this sees him earn an additional 50% per fight and adds a huge chunk onto his pay check.

Mayweather is a sporting figure many love to hate as he has an extremely contradictory personality. This has, however, not seemed to hurt his earning power. In 2007 he turned on the charm in Dancing with the Stars then provoked outrage when he spewed forth a racially charged rant against Manny Paquiao. He's renowned for creating a buzz wherever he goes and has been part of the 4 biggest non-heavy weight PPV events of all time. He draws in a crowd and whilst he may border on the fine line between fame and infamy he knows how to maximise his earning potential.

Ironically, Mayweather may be the highest paid athlete in the world, but none of his earnings come from endorsements. He does not have a clothing or footwear line, does not feature as the face of any designer watch or fragrance and is mostly unrecognised by the general population.

Mayweather states that although he may earn a lot of money it is not what motivates him; he works very hard at his craft and appreciates all the support from his fans. He has been at the top of his game for over a decade now and shows little chance of slowing down. He claims that it is an honour to be the highest paid athlete internationally, but it is his love of boxing that has gotten him where he is today.

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