Amir Khan the Wins and Eyes Mayweather

Amr Khan last night defended his title against one of America's best boxers; he was able to defeat him in an amazing action filled match. The decision of the match was based on unanimous decision made by the judges. The match who was considered to be a do or die situation for Amir's dream of fighting against Mayweather turned to be an amazing bout which the fans and even Amir himself enjoyed. The American game Amir a tough time during the bout, but long before the match even started the world had already considered Amir favorite for this match and he turned out to be up to the expectations of his fans and the boxing experts.

So the question that everyone is asking right now is about Amir's chances of getting a bout against Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather earlier this year announced that he will be fighting his one last bout later this year in September; it is Amir's ultimate wish to be the last contender that Mayweather faces. This fight if it ever becomes a reality will truly be the fight of the century. Unlike the earlier bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which the viewers dubbed as the most boring bout ever Amir and Mayweather fight will be something different, it will have more action as both boxers are well determined to defeat each other.

Amir wants to defeat Mayweather and become the only boxer to defeat him while if Mayweather faces him then he will be looking forward to finishing his career with a streak of 50 wins. This fight will be truly the fight of the century and will also be a sort of match which will be watched globally by fans from almost every continent as Amir's background from Pakistan has made him a star in that region of Asia.

Now everyone is looking forward towards a decision from Mayweather to fight Amir in September. If this happens then there will be some amazing betting odds available for this match. The people in America will be supporting Mayweather while those in Europe and Asia will support Amir. This will give different betting odds on websites originating from different parts of the world. Making a bet on that match will be really confusing so just get you prepared because the bout of century might be on its way in the coming months.

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